Chen has always been a Warrior in Heroes of the Storm that was feast or famine. In the right hands, he really was terrifying, and yet you rarely saw him in competitive play. Primarily that was because he was pushed out by other, stronger Heroes, but also because his kit was really easily countered if against an organised team. The heavy use of crowd control in competitive, combined with his predictable rotations and lack of utility outside of Keg Smash, left him limited. That wasn't to say he couldn't murder inexperienced players in Quick Match, or Ranked, but he was never first pick, first ban material.

The PTR notes, which went live yesterday evening, point towards a total rework across his entire kit and Talents. The main points from the changes includes Keg Smash and Breath of Fire being merged (technically one triggers the other), while he gains a new ability called Stagger, something that players have asked for, for a long time (it effectively allows him to delay damage). Lastly, Chen also gains a new Trait, and all new Talents from level 1 to 20. Full notes on Chen below. 


Keg Smash [W]

  • Brew cost increased from 20 to 30

  • New functionality: Smash Chen's keg, dealing damage, drenching affected enemies in Brew for 3 seconds, and Slowing them by 10% for 1.5 seconds. After 1.5 seconds, the Slow is increased to 40% for 1.5 seconds. After being used, this ability becomes Breath of Fire.

Breath of Fire [W]

  • This ability has been moved to the W button, and is available after Keg Smash has been used

  • Cooldown reduced from 5 seconds to 1.5 seconds

  • Impact damage reduced from 96 to 85

  • Periodic damage increased from 32 to 55

  • Brew cost reduced from 30 to 10

  • Adjusted functionality: Using Breath of Fire on Brew-soaked enemy causes them to be Ignited, dealing damage over 3 seconds and adding 1.5 seconds to the duration of the Slow from Keg Smash. After being used or after 6 seconds, this ability becomes Keg Smash

New Ability: Stagger [E]

  • Damage taken over the next 3 seconds is prevented. Once this effect ends, Chen receives 75% of the damage taken over 5 seconds. 18-second CD

Fortifying Brew [Trait]

  • No longer grants 25 Brew instantly

  • Brew regeneration increased from 30 to 50 per second

  • Cooldown increased from 5 to 7 seconds

  • Channel time reduced from 5 to 4 seconds

  • Shield amount decreased from 196 to 180 per second

  • This reduces the total shields for fully drinking from 588 to 540

  • Shield duration increased from 2 to 4 seconds


Level 1

Stormstout Secret Recipe [Passive]

  • Moved from Level 20

  • Healing increased from 1.5% to 2% of Chen’s maximum health

New Talent: Eye of the Tiger [Passive]

  • Adjusted functionality - Quest: Increase Regeneration Globe Healing duration by 100%. Reward: After collecting 15 Regeneration Globes, 50% of the Shield from Fortifying Brew persists indefinitely after drinking

Level 4

Keg Toss [W]

  • Removed

Withering Flames [W]

  • Moved from Level 13

  • Duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds

Accumulating Flame [W]

  • Moved from Level 1

  • New functionality: Increase Ignited damage by 25% and Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes who are Ignited increase its duration by .75 seconds

Level 7

Bolder Flavor [Trait]

  • Removed

Elusive Brawler [Active]

  • Moved from Level 1

  • Additional functionality: While active, also grants Chen 30% Movement Speed

New Talent: Gift of the Ox [E]

  • Increase Stagger’s duration by .5 seconds, and reduce the amount of damage taken over time to 60% of damage taken

Level 10

Wandering Keg [R1]

  • Movement speed bonus increased from 60% to 70%

  • Knockback duration increased by ~28%

  • Knockback speed increased by ~53%

Storm Earth Fire [R2]

  • Spirit Health reduced from 75% of Chen's Health to 70%

  • Each ability can only be cast once. The final ability that is cast is empowered.

Storm [Q]

  • New functionality: The spirits gain a shield for 400 over 3 seconds. If this is the final ability cast, the shield amount is increased to 750 with no limited duration, and the duration of Storm Earth Fire is increased by 5 seconds.

Earth [W]

  • New functionality: Fire and Earth leap to the target location, dealing 32 damage and slowing enemies in a large area by 70% for 1.5 seconds. If this is the final ability cast, increase the damage dealt by 300% and the leap instead roots enemy Heroes hit for 1.75 seconds.

  • Earth Ability range increased from 7 to 9

  • Earth Unit basic attack Slow reduced from 2 seconds to 1.75 seconds

  • Earth Unit attack period increased from 2 to 1.5

Fire [E]

  • New functionality: Increase the attack speed and attack damage of the spirits by 50% for 5 seconds. If this is the final ability cast, increase the attack speed and attack damage bonus to 75% and the spirits gain 50% movement speed for its duration

Level 13

Ring of Fire [W]

  • Moved from Level 4

  • Adjusted functionality: After Igniting an enemy, burst into flames, dealing damage to nearby enemies

  • Duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds

  • Damage increased from 52 to 60

Enough to Share [Trait]

  • Moved from Level 16

  • Additional functionality:Duration increased from 2 to 4 seconds

  • Allied Shield amount increased from 27 to 70

  • Additional functionality: Now also instantly Shields Chen for 180

Pressure Point [Q]

  • Adjusted functionality: Flying Kick Slows the target enemy for 35% for 1 second, or by 70% if Chen has Shields from Fortifying Brew

A Touch of Honey [W]

  • New functionality: Increase the Slow from Keg Smash by 10% and its duration by .5 seconds

Level 16

Another Round [W]

  • Removed

New Talent: Celerity [E]

  • Basic Attacks against Slowed, Rooted, or Stunned enemy Heroes reduce the cooldown of Stagger by 1.5 seconds and grant Chen 15 Armor for 3 seconds

New Talent: Combo Strikes [Trait]

  • Every 3rd Basic Attack against the same target deals 75% bonus damage. While Chen has Shields from Fortifying Brew and for 2 seconds after, he gains 50% Attack Speed

Flying Leap [Q]

  • Additional Functionality: Reduce the cooldown of Flying Leap by .5 seconds each time an enemy Hero takes damage from being Ignited

Level 20

Purifying Brew [Trait]

  • Moved from Level 7

  • New functionality: Casting Fortifying Brew grants Chen Unstoppable for 1.5 seconds

New Talent: Energizing Brew [Trait]

  • If Chen fully completes his cast of Fortifying Brew, then he gains 20% maximum Health and 20% increased damage for 25 seconds

Untapped Potential [R1]

  • Armor bonus increased from 60 to 75

  • Armor bonus now lasts for 3 seconds after Wandering Keg expires

  • Movement Speed increased from 100% to 125%

Elemental Conduit [R2]

  • New functionality: Increase the spirits’ Health to 100% of Chen’s maximum Health and all of their abilities are empowered

Developer Comment: The new Chen has finally arrived! We had a blast tinkering with him, and look forward to seeing him unleashed to his full potential in your hands. When taking a look at how to best change him, we primarily focused on adding more opportunities for Chen to make plays and for his opponents to interact with him. Some of his power has been taken out of Fortifying Brew and put into his new ability, Stagger, as well as into his talents. While he may take a bit of time to master, proper management of Chen’s cooldowns should result in a formidable hero that will make a great addition to any team.

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Last Updated: Jun 11, 2019

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