Heroes of the Storm fans have been asking for Deathwing for as long as I can remember, and now that Blizzard have pulled the plug on ESports for the game, and pretty much all support outside of the odd patch here and there, it's surprising to see Deathwing arriving. That either suggests that Blizzcon is going to see an even better reveal, or this is literally it. So, what do we know? Well, a fair bit (see below). There's also his trailer, and sight of Brightwing's new Deathwing skin. The reveal can be found here and the blog post here. Lookin good, right?

Basic information

  • Permanently in dragon form. Biggest hero in the game. Bigger than Alexstrasza in dragon form.

  • Has two forms: Destroyer and Worldbreaker, changing his [W] and [E] abilities. Destroyer form abilities work more in the melee range, while the Worldbreaker form has some range, but I think basic attacks are melee in both forms (but with a pretty big range for a melee attack).

  • Classified as a Bruiser. Has Tank-like health, but he does quite a lot of damage and his CC is not very reliable due to abilities having windups.

  • Still work in progress, changes may be made to what was shown today.

  • Will be playable on the BlizzCon floor, and will be released in the first major patch after BlizzCon (date not specified, my guess is November 4 on PTR and November 12 on live servers).

[Trait] Aspect of Death

  • 100% bonus damage to Heroes.

  • Permanently Unstoppable.

  • Cannot be affected by allied abilities (e.g. heals, Abathur hat).

  • "Armor plates": Spawns with 40 Armor at 100% Health. Loses 10 Armor with every 25% of Health lost. Armor plates can be regenerated only by using [Z] (see below), not by healing from for example healing fountains.

[Z] Dragonflight

  • Cannot use normal mounts.

  • After a 3 seconds channel, Deathwing flies into the sky, leaves the map, restores health over time while in air. Can choose between Destroyer and Worldbreaker form on landing. Can land on any point with vision. I understand that you can be in air however long you want, and that you choose the landing location when you want to land (unlike other global abilities).

  • The channel is interrupted by taking damage and put on a 4 seconds cooldown.

  • Other abilities have a 3 seconds cooldown after landing.

  • Landing deals damage in an area near Deathwing.

[R] Cataclysm

  • Deathwing flies off the ground, winds up, flies over a huge area in front of him, burning everyone in it and scorching the ground for several seconds.

  • Only Heroic ability, available from level 1.

[Q] [Both forms] Molten Flame

  • After a small delay, shoots a flame in a chosen direction.

  • Around being the highest DPS ability in the game.

[W] [Destroyer form] Incinerate

  • After a small delay, releases a pulse of flames with his wings to all enemies in a close range.

[E] [Destroyer form] Onslaught

  • Lunges forward and slows enemies caught in the line.

  • At the end of the lunge, bites enemies, dealing damage.

[W] [Worldbreaker form] Lava Burst

  • After a small delay, unleashes a lava pool in a targeted area, that does damage and slows.

[E] [Worldbreaker form] Earth Shatter

  • After a small delay, stuns all enemies in two lines in a \ / shape.

Level 10 talents

  • Talent 1: Cataclysm does more damage. When an enemy fort or keep is destroyed, the cooldown of [R] Cataclysm is reset.

  • Bellowing Roar: After a small delay, Fears all enemies in an area around Deathwing.

Level 20 talents

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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019

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