In the latest Heroes of the Storm update, there's over 30 changes to an array of Heroes. While there isn't developer commentary on the majority, it seems that Blizzard - now that the Heroes of the Storm team has been reduced - are looking to shake up the meta. Some Heroes received minor tweaks (such as Chen and Mephisto) while the likes of Anub'arak received Talent changes that could significantly open up new builds. Full patch notes here.

Gul'dan Gazlowe Alexstrasza Anub'arak
Illidan Murky Deckard Artanis
Jaina The Lost Vikings Kharazim Blaze
Junkrat Zagara Li Li Chen
Kerrigan   Lt. Morales Garrosh
Li-Ming   Malfurion Imperius
Maiev     Johanna
Mephisto     Leoric
Nova     Rexxar
Ragnaros     Stitches

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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019

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