Heroes of the Storm, despite Blizzard pulling out of the ESports scene, is still ticking along nicely. It might have shed many players as a result of their actions, but there's still a development team behind it doing their best to provide updates and content.

This month sees reworks for Lucio and Chromie, as well as a cyberpunk themed Caldeum Complex event. Alongside that, Hero Roles have also been revised and loot chests can no longer be bought with real money.

  • Hero Roles Update
    • Updated roles include: Tank, Bruiser, Support, Healer, Melee Assassin, and Ranged Assassin.
    • For more information, please review our blog here.
  • Loot chests are no longer available for Gem purchase.
  • Rare loot chests are now available for Gold purchase (3000 each).

Full notes here.

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Last Updated: Mar 28, 2019

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