The last Mechastorm event in Heroes of the Storm did well, and launched with a gorgeous anime short. While there's nothing like that this time around, there's still plenty of skins and quest chains to keep players busy. Oh, and there's a trailer below (as well as full notes). 


Many seasonal items have made their way back into the collection and will be available for crafting and in Loot Chests for a limited time!

New Bundles (Limited Time Only!)

  • MechaStorm II Bundle

  • Mecha Yrel Skin Pack

  • Mecha Valla Skin Pack

  • Xenotech Malthael Skin Pack

  • Seraph Wing Bundle

New Skins (Limited Time Only!)

  • Mecha Yrel

  • Prototype Mecha Yrel

  • Master Mecha Yrel

  • Lunar Mecha Yrel

  • Carbon Fiber Mecha Yrel

  • Mecha Valla ​* Prototype Mecha Valla

  • Master Mecha Valla

  • Solar Mecha Valla

  • Alloy Mecha Valla

  • Xenotech Malthael

  • Apex Xenotech Malthael

  • Twilight Xenotech Malthael

  • Umbral Xenotech Malthael

  • Gamma Xenotech Malthael

  • Hunter Mecha Dehaka

  • Galactic Xenotech Abathur

  • Maritime Dropkick Kharazim

New Mounts (Limited Time Only!)

  • Seraph Wing

  • Holy Seraph Wing

  • Fierce Seraph Wing

  • Eternal Seraph Wing

  • Guardian Seraph Wing

  • Prototype Seraph Wing

  • Fel Razorgrin

New Portraits and Sprays (Limited Time Only!)

  • Several new sprays and portraits have also been added to the game.

MechaStorm II

Xenotech threatens the planet once again. This new invasion is being led by Mecha Malthael, sowing havoc and destruction across Neo-Stormwind. Many outposts and cities have already felt the wrath of the Mecha Archangel of Death.

A new generation of Heroes arise to defend the innocent. Equipped with cutting edge Mecha technology provided by Neo-President Anduin, the young pilots prepare for the battles ahead.

You must stand together alongside Valla and Yrel as members of the MechaStorm to help bring Xenotech’s Mecha Malthael’s advance to a halt. However, you must first make sure your equipment is up to the task.

MechaStorm II Quest Chain

Repair, upgrade and run repeatable combat simulation missions for each part of Mecha Tyrael. Join the Neo-Stormwind’s mobile Mecha squadron alongside Valla and Yrel to help push back the Xenotech invasion being led by Mecha Malthael.

Earn Mecha-themed sprays, portraits and loot boxes while working to unlock Tyrael the Hero as well as the unique Perfect Mecha Tyrael skin.

MechaStorm II Loot Chests

From June 17th to August 5th, your main goal will be working to thwart the Xenotech invasion. During this time all Loot Chests earned or bought with Gold will be MechaStorm II Loot Chests (excluding Hero-specific ones). These Loot Chests guarantee at least one item from either MechaStorm II or previous years’ Summer Events.

Note: Loot Chests earned prior to the start of this event will not become MechaStorm II Loot Chests.

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Last Updated: Jun 11, 2019

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