In a recent BBCNewsbeat article, Activision Blizzard's Stacy Sher hinted at more franchise media crossovers based on the success of Skylanders: Academy.

Stacey Sher, from Activision Blizzard, believes film and television can "breathe life" into your favourite video gaming characters.

Based on the popular gaming franchise, the show has been made for Netflix.

Speaking to Newsbeat, she says they're considering doing something similar with other games they publish like StarCraft and Overwatch.

Such moves will be made "carefully and thoughtfully," she stated later in the article, starting with a Call of Duty feature film premiering in 2018 or 2019. Happily for fans, Blizzard remains undeterred by the box office flop that was Warcraft: The Movie.

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Last Updated: Feb 12, 2017

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