The third annual RuneFest event took place over the weekend with hundreds of fans live in attendance and thousands more tuning into the livestream. During the event, Jagex held workshop ideas for future content and offered a sneak peek at future content in the works for RuneScape heading into 2014. Just a few things covered at the event includes the new Invention skill, a new RuneScape Community App, an improved matchmaking system, and a preview of the 2nd world event, which will include two gods, Armadyl and Bandos, who will travel the world trying to gain followers and influence. Players will have the option to join in for open world PvP.

In addition, players were also shown a preview of two new quests. The 200th quest will focus on the Elves as well as a new Master quest that will feature the return of Zaros.

If you missed this weekend’s livestream of Runefest 2013, you can watch the event in its entirety on the RuneScape Twitch channel.



Monday 4th November 2013, Cambridge, UK - Jagex Games Studio, makers of the multi-award winning online adventure game, RuneScape, held its third RuneFest fan convention in London on Saturday. Hundreds of passionate RuneScape players flocked in person to London, joined virtually by hundreds of thousands of players online to celebrate another great year for RuneScape, which amongst other updates also saw the launch of RuneScape 3 and the dawn of the 6th Age.

As with previous years, RuneFest 3 provided the RuneScape team with the opportunity to meet with fans and discuss plans for the coming year, support players as they took part in ideas workshops for future content, and unveil an exclusive sneak peak of what's planned for RuneScape in 2014 - which included:

  • The Invention Skill, which is a partner to the recently launched Divination skill and represents a technological leap forward within the game.  This skill will allow players create their own gear and "soul weapons" which can be levelled up to increase their power as players progress through the game.
  • The RuneScape Community App, which will allow players to chat and access the Grand Exchange, RuneScape's trading system, through their mobile devices.
  • A preview of the 2nd World Event which has been confirmed to involve the two gods Armadyl and Bandos, who will be travelling across the world map trying to gain followers and influence.  Players will also be able to opt into innovative open world PVP.
  • Upgraded matchmaking which will allow players to easily find other player who are interested in playing specific social content, allowing them put together teams easily without interrupting their gameplay.
  • Players were shown a glimpse of two new quests - The 200th quest which will focus on the Elves and a new Master quest featuring the return of Zaros.
  •  "The Church of YOU" - Over the past decade players have been central to all RuneScape content and are the world guardians, now they can start to amass their own followers to worship their in-game achievements.

The event also saw all attendees participate in setting a new Guinness World Record for the world's longest Christmas cracker pulling chain.

"RuneFest 3 has been yet another massive celebration for all things RuneScape, and we're delighted that so many of our community were able to share in the experience, either online or at the event itself," said Jagex CEO, Mark Gerhard. "It's a tremendous opportunity for the team and I to celebrate our biggest fans, namely our players. We always look forward to having the opportunity to socialise with the community, have a good laugh, celebrate their achievements and find out first-hand what they love or dislike about the game, which in turn helps shape our thinking around future updates. I'm delighted that this year's event added yet another Guinness World Record to our collection and really looking forward to next year!"

"RuneScape's fan base and passionate community has always been one of the game's enduring and great strengths, and RuneFest has again delivered a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with the most ardent of players," said Phil Mansell, Executive Producer for RuneScape. "As we come to the end of a hugely important year for RuneScape with the launch of RuneScape 3 we were thrilled to share what's ahead in 2014 with players."

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