LEGO Universe is offering a peek into the future in a new 2011 preview with Design Director Jordan Itkowitz. In a brief update on the official LEGO Universe website, Itkowitz detailed some of the plans for the game moving into 2011. After a brief reflection on the latest content which included the new Frostburgh zone and the Return to Venture Explorer, Itkowitz let slip what's in store next for LEGO Universe.

One of the most exciting things we’re planning for 2011 is based on LEGO’s big new toy line – which I can’t talk about just yet. We’re building an all-new world, new enemies and a fantastic new way to fight them. We’re also creating an epic storyline that will unfold throughout the year, tying this new planet together with Nexus Tower, the Maelstrom and some very important secret artifacts… Stay tuned!

New toys equals new content. Who would have thought that would have been an MMOG marketing method?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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