Like any other city, Millennium City has parks and lots of them. Cryptic is completing their urban plan and needs the communities help in naming one. This last park will bear the most appropriate and creative name brought to their attention thus immortalizing someone in cyberspace for all to see. Think you have a great idea? Send it in!

The Urban Planning Commission is scrambling to rename parks that have been destroyed by the most recent Qularr invasion in an effort to boost local morale. To honor the fallen, they have taken the City’s most treasured heroes and built monuments in their name. One remains to be named. The council has determined that our citizens shall take on this task.

It is your challenge, nay your duty, to make your mark on Millennium City – name this last city park! The council will choose the most appropriate name for the park and they will honor you with a plaque in the center of that area. As a bonus, they will also give you a key to play there. Check out the images below, and e-mail your entry to [email protected] today!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016