With every MMORPG generation, gameplay has evolved and thus has the community. In games like EverQuest, socializing was a necessity during long downtimes, spawn camping, and endless level grinding, but recent MMOG incarnations have shaved most of that down in favor for speed and lost a certain charm that some of those tedious mechanics added to the game and its communities. Jacobs hopes that he can recapture some of that in Camelot Unchained with the need to go all grindy on players.

If we now turn to the word community and view it as a microcosm of Community, we would do it in a manner where each realm on a server could be considered a community as would the crafters on a specific server or even that all the crafters in the game could be considered a large community or smaller Community. If these players become as excited about their realm, their class and their server as our supporters our now, that not only makes the players’ time in CU both more enjoyable and meaningful, it also helps to build all the “Prides” that are such an integral part of this game’s success.

Crafting and housing are just two things that Jacobs hopes will help add unique communities to servers in Camelot Unchained. Get his thoughts on the topic and more in his latest blog.

Source: Foundational Principle #9 – Forced Socialization was good, then bad. Is it time for a comeback?

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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