On February 3rd, Massively shut up shop for good. On February 3rd, Massively also decided it didn't want close and instead the team behind it have rerolled under a new name: Massively Overpowered. Although details are currently sketchy, it's understood that most of the existing staff are on board (including its existing Editor-In-Chief, N. Brianna Royce - hurrah!) and they'll be operating under a new website, away from the pesky control of AOL.

Although the site isn't yet up and running (www.massivelyop.com) the team have booted up their Twitter and Twitch.

I've no doubt there's a lot of work for the team to do in the coming weeks and months to get up and running again but from all of us at Ten Ton Hammer, we wish them the very best of luck. We'll keep you posted on any news as it develops.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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