And these are thing things that don't work correctly...

Samera explains the known issues with Module 4, Reaver's Bane!

Module 4 Reaver's Bane: Known Issues

    * As some of you have noticed, Evasion is currently
working in medium armor and heavy armor, when helpless, and when
encumbered. This will be fixed in Update 4.1.

    * Gianthold – The Crucible: currently some of the
early optional objectives are awarding 0 XP.

    * Characters who are level 13 or 14 will not be
matched up by our PvP arena masters. Those characters will just sit in
the queue indefinitely with no messages indicating why they are not
being matched up. They can still tavern brawl, but they can’t enter any
PvP arena matches.

    * Monsters

          o Monsters
continue to use abilities while Held.

          o Hellcats are
standing back up after they die.

          o A few giant
skeletons are displaying an empty collectible shiny that cannot be
picked up.

    * Spells

          o Wizards are
unable to inscribe Banishment scrolls. Attempting to do so will consume
the scroll and the inscription materials. For now, if you are a Wizard
and you want to use Banishment you should make sure it is one of the
spells you choose when you level up.

          o Sorcerer Magic
Circle Against Evil shares a cooldown timer with Mass Fox's Cunning

          o Tumble spell
not working on characters with no ranks in the Tumble skill.

          o Cure Critical
Wounds is not pre-prepared giving Clerics an effective extra 4th level
spell slot. This will be fixed soon.

          o The spell
"Finger of Death" has an incorrect tooltip. The tooltip should read
"Finger of Death actually does 3d6 + 1 point/caster level (Max +25)."

          o There are two
mistakes in the Resurrection tooltip: 1) you can't cast Resurrect on
yourself. 2) Tooltip does not clarify that a resurrected target will
only have half hitpoints

          o When someone
tries to cast the Resurrection spell on you, the confirmation UI that
appears cuts off the caster's name on the bottom.

    * Enhancements

          o Enhancements
that increase spell critical chances to 6% and 9% do not work.

          o Metamagic
Enhancements are not working properly – due to funky math, the improved
metamagic enhancements are giving a much smaller discount than expected.

          o Available
enhancements do not always refresh upon leveling up. This is only a
display issue but can be confusing.

          o Human
Adaptability does not state only one can be taken.

    * Ranged auto attack is not registering properly on
top of the Titan pillars.

    * Auction House UI – The "Previous" and "Next" page
buttons sometimes appear to skip multiple pages – this is a display
issue only.

    * Expired guild invitations are showing as
"declined" instead of "expired." If you are certain that the person you
are inviting to your guild wants to be in your guild, you should send
them a fresh invitation.

    * The icon overlay for secured items has reverted to
its original image of the very hard to see gold lock. This will be

    * "Who" Panel

          o The "Who"
panel isn't always refreshing. If you see a blank "Who" list click
another tab and then go back to "Who."

          o Mouse-wheel
scrolling currently isn't working in the "Who" panel. For now the
workaround is: if you place your cursor on the scrollbar for the who
listbox, the scrollwheel will work properly.

          o We are aware
that you cannot currently scroll through the entire "who" list.

    * Release Notes that don't seem to be working

          o Rangers can
now choose Humanoid (Orc) as one of their favored enemy options.

          o Freedom of
Movement now protects against petrification, acid fog slow, and all
forms of entanglement. Freedom of Movement no longer protects against
the damage portion of Ice Storm.

          o The beholder
mass-attack that they do when they are low on HP will no longer petrify

          o Rolls of a one
on a balance check to stand up after a knockdown are no longer
auto-failures; 20s are no longer auto-successes.

          o The "delete
mail" dialog will now close when you walk away from the Mailbox.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016