Snail Games revealed more about the first expansion to their Wuxia-based Age of Wushu MMORPG this week with details about the new systems and events that will allow players to earn friendships with NPCs and use them to aid in adventuring or extract revenge on rival players. And, of course, there's more ways to earn special loot.

The Jianghu Gratitude and Revenge System will introduce a new way to interact with NPCs to create more realistic interactions, and possibly more dangerous ones as well. In some cases, if you earn favor with an NPC they may join you on your adventure. If you’re really a vindictive person, you can even shovel some coin over to an NPC that you’ve earned favor with to extract vengeance on another player. The options of revenge vary in price and range from “Showing Mercy” for a few Liang silver and “Too Horrible to Bear” for quite a bit more.

With the Hero and Treasure System, you’ll have a new way to earn rewards by defeating Jianghu martial arts experts, who will be drawn to you in search of a worthy challenge. Should they seek you out, you can run away to live and fight another day or take them on in a fight to the death for more rewards and powerful treasures.

A series of in-game events also preceeds the upcoming launch next month. There are several events currently underway that offer various in-game rewards and more that will run throughout July. Read the full list and schedule for all the details.

The Legends of Mount Hua expansion launches on August 8th, 2013.

Sources: Snail Games Press Release, Age of Wushu Events

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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