The folks at Aeria Games have definitely been keeping busy following the official launch of Echo of Soul. The first major post-launch content update has gone live, adding a new raid, two new dungeons, and a new Replay feature.

The Replay feature in particular immediately caught my attention, as it’s the kind of tool that you’d most commonly expect to see in more competitive-focused genres, and is still suspiciously lacking in many titles where you’d expect to find it. As the name suggests, the Replay feature allows players to record their gameplay experiences directly within the game client, make edits, and more.

According to the official word from Aeria Games, “This new tool allows players to freeze the action, rotate and zoom the camera, and change playback speed of a scene. You can even switch the perspective to any of your party members on the fly!

In an era still largely obsessed with gameplay videos (not to mention that being where the lion’s share of advertising revenue can be found on the web these days) this is a very smart addition to the game. I’ll definitely be diving into Echo of Soul to check it out, and will be sure to put my stumpy video editing skills to work to help give our readers a better idea of how the whole thing works.

Speaking of gameplay footage, there is also a new official trailer for the first major post-launch update, so be sure to check that puppy out below!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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