In another new blog post, New World has begun to discuss player housing. While it all looks lovely, and the approach to it is fairly standard (you control a Settlement, level it up, choose your home), it still doesn't address the elephant in the room: risk. 

With how sanitized the game now is, owning a home seems something everyone will achieve and the prospect of loosing it, if you don't opt-in to PvP, almost none-existant? If you also consider that failing to pay your tax on your home won't involve you losing it, it feels like everything in the game has been dumbed down for a casual audience.

While failing to pay your property tax won’t get you evicted from your house, it will stop mechanics like House Recall and Trophy Buffs from being functional to you. Additionally, while you can still visit your decorated house while the property tax is unpaid, you cannot rearrange your decorations, nor will your house be eligible to be displayed to others (more on that below.)

What does everyone else think? 

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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2020

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