What's going on this Monday? Let's dive in to some news that's been happening!

Trials of Ascension

Forged Chaos announced that they'll be making huge changes to their online store. At the start of November, in-game items will be removed from the store. If you've been eying anything, now is the chance to grab your in-game goods. All backers from now until the store changes will receive a Feather of the Phoenix, which will have a chance to morph into a phoenix pet. The team has put up a set of goals on the store page that marks increases for the morph to be successful. At the time of me writing this, a 10% bonus has been added.

While Forged Chaos has met their funding goal, any additional funds brought in from this current push will go towards marketing for their upcoming Kickstarter. I'm hoping this means that Trials of Ascension is moving towards more persistent testing! I just want to say congrats to the team and that I look forward to seeing what their Kickstarter looks like when it happens.

Disney Moves to Steam

I know a certain member of the STAR WARS: The Old Republic community team who might have fainted with this news, being both a gamer and someone who just had her Disney dream wedding (congrats again, Courtney!). Now she and the rest of you can grab your copy of Epic Mickey 2, which has only had the physical copies canceled. Disney has decided to join the digital age, with all of their games currently 10% off. There is even a bundle pack for those who cannot decide which titles to start their digital Disney collection with. Everything can be yours for $99, which includes a savings of $152.87.


There's been a lot of little news regarding RIFT that has come out over the past couple of days. First up, the release date for RIFT's latest expansion was delayed. Trion gives it a two week push back, with the release date now being October 22. Some say it's bad giving another date so soon, in case it has to be moved again. However, not giving a date would have others up in armed. Definitely one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations. Others say that they're happy Trion is waiting, so that the delayed launch means that Trion will have extra time to add in polish, deal with bugs and work on adjustments based on community feedback.

Shortly after the delay announcement, Trion released another announcement: Masteries. Rather than adding in extra Soul Points, which would require reworking the Soul Trees again, Mastery Abilities are coming to RIFT. With each level from 61 to 65, players will gain one point that can be spent on Mastery Abilities. You can select which Masteries you want to choose from, which saves to your role. As you switch roles, your Masteries switch, too. Masteries come with passive primary and secondary bonuses. At 65, the final Masteries tier unlocks and is available. With Masteries comes a new damage type, Ethereal damage, which ignores 100% of enemy resistances and armor.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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