Guild Wars GvG Challenge 2008 coverage starts tomorrow on Online Gaming Radio

Guild Wars Guru GvG Challenge 2008 will take place this weekend. Listen in as Online Gaming Radio starts coverage at 1:00 PM EDT. The stakes are high with computers, gear and most importantly egos on the line!

"Guild Wars Guru, in connection with, is proud to announce the Guild Wars Guru 2008 GvG Challenge, sponsored by Electronics Extreme and scheduled for Saturday, July 12th, 2008. This PvP tournament is open to everyone in the community, and will have five different divisions with total prizes of nearly $12,000, as well as special Guild Wars in-game awards courtesy of ArenaNet. In conjunction with this tournament, additional prizes will also be awarded in an open predictions contest, where players have a chance of winning great prizes by accurately predicting the winners of the various GvG divisions beforehand."

Check out the teams, make your predictions and then tune in tomorrow and see who wins.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016