While we're not ready to reveal the improvements being made to the upcoming Paladin's talents just yet, I wanted to give each of you a sneak preview of some of things you can expect from the next patch in addition to the talent revamp. The minor details are as follow:

# The range on 'Judgment' will be increased. In addition, both the cooldown and mana cost will be lowered.
# Both Exorcism and Holy Wrath will be usable on Demon targets in addition to Undead targets.
# The mana cost will be reduced for both the summoned Warhorse and Charger.
# The missile speed of the flying hammer for the spell 'Hammer of Wrath' will be increased.

We're also adding raid versions for five of the Paladin's blessings. These new raid version blessings will last for fifteen minutes, and allow the Paladin the means to buff every player of a given class in the raid by selecting only one. These blessings will be available at your class trainer and the only prerequisite is the final rank (talent point where applicable) of the Blessing.

# Blessing of Sanctuary
# Blessing of Kings
# Blessing of Might
# Blessing of Wisdom
# Blessing of Salvation

We're also adding a new spell 'Righteous Fury' to replace the Seal and Judgment of Fury. This spell, first available at level 16 is a self buff which will last for 30 minutes and substantially increases the threat generated by all Paladin Holy attacks, in turn allowing the player to focus on Seals which provide greater DPS as this buff works in conjunction with all other buff effects.

Please note that these are only a few of the changes slated for the next patch, and more will be announced shortly - including the talent calculator preview which will debut the three improved talent trees.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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