Goblinworks breaks its silence with its first developer blog of the year for Pathfinder Online. This week the team reaffirmed their hopes to hit an early enrollment milestone for Q3 2014, and thus far it looks as though their development schedule is moving along at a good pace.

“Welcome to 2014! This will be the most exciting time yet in the history of Pathfinder Online. Our breakneck schedule continues to aim for a Q3 start for Early Enrollment. Staying that course requires us to complete the current milestone early this month. We are debating bringing the milestone to a conclusion either this week or next, based on the team's determination of the status of the feature set and how much additional work is required to hit our objectives. In either event, that means that the next blog in two weeks should be full of juicy details on how much progress we made at the end of 2013!”

As for the meat of the latest blog, the team took some time to discuss more about the social aspects of Pathfinder Online, points-of-interest and what roll sponsored companies will play in building them, more about outposts, and that big topic that many have been asking about – raiding. You can read all about it in the latest blog for all the details. Expect a progress report within the next couple of weeks on the milestones.

Source: Pathfinder Online Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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