Fear now Pathfinder Online fans, v7 finally hits servers today with a ton of new content for you to chew through. While really cool content, this is mostly a social update for companies, but that's still a big deal. You can now throw down a holding and build outposts within it, which works like this. Holdings are various features that provides some benefit to the company, like skill training. Outposts on the other hand create supplies to keep the holdings going, like lumber mills, etc. 

You need to be the Leader or an Officer of a Company to place a Holding or Outpost. Your Company must have 100 avaialble [sic] Influence for a Holding, and 50 for an Outpost. To claim a Hex (place a Holding) the Hex must be clear of Escalations and you have to find the area where the Holding can be placed (usually in the middle of the Hex) and clear it of any monsters that have spawned there. Right-clicking on the Kit in your inventory will place a pin on your Local Map showing you the proper location if you're close enough. Right-click on the Kit to begin construction when you're in the right area.


In Early Enrollment v7, Holdings will provide Local Vault storage, and they have Trainers. The Trainers will provide a reduced level of Training even less than NPC Settlements.

As you can see, it's going to take a little while to get enough influence for a holding to go up, but they're now available. A holding kit is required too, this is crafted, and you'll need lots of influence which is generated by the company's members working on achievements. It's a very, very in-depth system, which is why this is such a huge update and is part of the second phase for Holdings & Outposts system.

Resources generated are not currently used in the game, this will come in an later update so that you can upgrade the trainers among other things, however you should save any resources generated for later.

The update also contains a myriad of other fixes, like player base health changed to 200 and banks can be withdrawn from now. Resources have been reduced and so much more. Check out the full update notes for the minutia on that, but know that the big deal here is the holdings & outposts have gone live.



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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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