Rocket League has been a surprise hit since it arrived last summer, and it continues to rumble along generating record sales and player counts as it does. While we knew that Rocket League would have seasons to it's ranked mode, we didn't know when the first season would come to a close, but we do now.

Next month a patch will come along and not only kick off season two, it will remove the much maligned rank points system that seemed to have no bearing at all on what your actual rank was. Instead the system will focus soley on a player's skill rating. Also gone are the old tiers that used to signify a players standing, whihch have instead been replaced with the new ones below.

We'veprovided some of the main bullet points on the changes to Rocket Leagues ranked play, but you can check out their news release on Steam for more details.

  • To start, we've renamed ranked play "Competitive Matchmaking," which will be tagged in the Playlists menu to differentiate them from casual matchmaking. 
  • In addition to the fresh playlists tags, we're also removing Rank Points for Season 2. In the new season, all Divisions are based on your Skill Rating to remove the confusion of two points systems. 
  • We have replaced the ten Season 1 Divisions (Bronze I/II/III, Silver I/II/III, Gold I/II/III, and Platinum) with 12 new ones, especially tailored to Rocket League. 
  • The new divisions range from Prospect I at the bottom to Champion at the top.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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