Jagex has unveiled its Easter holiday event for RuneScape following today's update. This year's event is based off of the changing of seasons event in which the Queen of Snow hand over the baton to the Queen of Sunrise to allow winter to pass to spring. Unfortunately, someone has stolen the ceremonial "year baton" and has stirred up a bit of a fuss. Luckily, this means more content for players to enjoy as new events and quests are now underway that will allow them to ally with either spring or winter and earn special holiday items.

In addition to the holiday content, the RuneScape community team will be hosting competitions from Friday April 22nd through Monday, April 25th. The player that chops down the most holly and hawthorne trees will receive a collection of free RuneScape merchandise.

Source: RuneScape Holly and Hawthorne Event

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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