Mark Jacobs has made it clear that he isn’t making Dark Age of Camelot 2 with Camelot Unchained, and today’s blog is a clear indication of that. The details are all in the title of the blog “Foundational Principle #2 – RvR isn’t the end game, it’s the only game!” As the title implies, the game is a total three-faction RvR experience, so don’t expect the traditional MMORPG equivalent of PvE.

That being said, there are some other elements from MMORPGs not directly RvR such as crafting, housing, and skill progression. But each of those are implemented into the overall RvR world and geared towards the tri-realm concept. Crafting and killing other players will be your primary means of getting gear, so there will be no grinding out mobs, dungeon crawling, or farming tokens.

You will get rewards for killing other players, other players’ helpers and some stuff in the world but it won’t be gear and we will also not offer tokens. Tokens are for subways and some pinball and arcade games, not for this game. I was and remain a fan of that type of system for a different game(s) but not for this game. I want my crafters to know that there is no chance that the stuff they are making can be eclipsed by anything dropped or buyable through the non-player shops with but one exception. That exception is if there are not enough crafters, we reserve the right to make sure that things like population imbalance do not end up in a cascading and insurmountable disaster for a realm.

Jacobs also touched on the progression system, which characters will be able to advance by whatever activities they perform such as killing other players, healing, or just helping out in RvR, breaking up the zerg that often accompanies massive sized PvP games, crowd control abilities, and the importance of crafting.

Source: Foundational Principle #2 – RvR isn’t the end game, it’s the only game!

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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