Be careful the next time you smack-talk someone in a battleground. You don't want a few wise guys showing up on your doorstep.

Symantec has dire predictions about professional crime laundering money in these two virtual worlds in their latest security report. Apparently, the threat (which has been known for some time) is an increasingly prevalent problem.

The report says, "... a criminal enterprise could open several thousand MMOG accounts. Each could be used to trade with other players in the purchase or sale of in-game assets, the funds from which would ultimately be withdrawn from the accounts. Since thousands of accounts may engage in millions of transactions, each with small profits or losses, it would be difficult to trace the true source of the funds when they are withdrawn. These transactions can be conducted worldwide without the oversight that typically accompanies international bank remittances. In fact, in February 2007, China's central bank and finance ministries called upon companies to stop trading QQ coins and virtual currencies, presumably to curb the unregulated exchange of currency."

You can read the article at m-net.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016