SEE Virtual Worlds is looking to expand its online gaming catalogue in a big way. The Planet Michael developer today announced in a new press release that it has acquired the rights to develop a new line of digital and online games based on several popular movies. Included in the new agreement are Men in Black, Total Recall (2012), War of the Worlds (2005), Waterworld and Asterix, based on the European comic book hero Asterix the Gaul.

According to the press release, Men in Black will be tied to the upcoming Men in Black 3 movie and Total Recall will be based on the upcoming 2012 reimagining of the sci-fi action movie originally starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. SEE Virtual Worlds also licensed the War of the Worlds IP from the- 2005 movie starring Tom Cruise from Paramount Digital Entertainment.

SEE Virtual Worlds purchased Planet Calypso developer First Planet Company back in January and has already acquired rights to develop an online game based around Michael Jackson (Planet Michael) and Universal Monsters and Van Helsing themed games. It seems that SEE Virtual Worlds has a taste for Hollywood.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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