Shadowlands is looking awesome, and as we briefly discussed at the weekend, it seems that Blizzard are taking notice of the success of Classic. While there's no date for its release, I suspect it'll be a Christmas launch as there's clearly a lot of work to do, based on their approach and suspected change of direction. So, what have we learnt besides the fact Blizzard do a nice presentation? Well, there's a full blog post from Blizzard here, and I've kept it simple for you below. 

Level Changes

  • The new level range is 1-60. Every level will unlock something

    • Level 1-10: New modern starting zone. Exile's Reach. Existing racial/class zones.

    • Level 10-50: Expansion of your choice.

    • Level 50-60: Shadowlands

  • Level 10-50 in the expansion of your choice.

  • Level speed is 60-70% faster from 1 to 50.

  • The new starting zone is Exile's Reach and comes with its own story and ends in its own dungeon. 

  • Demon Hunters and Death Knights start at level 1.

  • Allied races start at level 10.

Character Customisation

  • Tons of extra options for every single race (over 40).
  • Death Knights can now be any race.

Class Design Philosophy

  • Return of a major focus to your class. 
  • Iconic class abilities set to return (auras, deathcoil).

Rogue-like Dungeon - Torghast

Inside the Maw is the Tower named Torghast: a scalable dungeon for 1-5 players. When you ascend, you and your enemies grow in power. It's different every time.


  • Quest through 4 zones, where you'll learn about 4 covenants and at level cap, decide on joining one.
    • Kyrians - Angelic Soul Guides
    • Necrolords - Liches, Warlords, and Spies
    • Night Fae - Guardians of Nature and Shepherds of the cycle
    • Venthyr - Vampiric punishers of the unworthy
  • Joining Covenants grants unique abilities.
  • Joining Covenants also grants Soulbinds, these are like talent trees.
  • Covenants provide unique cosmetics, such as back items, mounts and armor sets. 

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Last Updated: Nov 04, 2019

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