I absolutely love shoutcasting. I love the excitement of shoutcasters, their knowledge of the games they're talking about and how quickly they can not only observe a game but relay that information. Although in its infancy and still in closed Alpha, Gigantic is causing a bit of a stir amongst eSports fans. It has all the makings of a great eSport and as you might expect, many players are already turning to support the game in anyway that they can. Bazleel previously took to the airwaves to shoutcast for Guild Wars 2 and has since, alongside Fourth Oracle, turned to shoutcast for Gigantic.

Although this roadtest for the show isn't perfect, there's some really great stuff here. Firstly, both Bazleel and Fourth Oracle have brilliant voices for shoutcasting. Unlike me who sounds like a northern monkey who's never once been to an elocution lesson, these two have the right tone and level of excitement. Importantly, they also know Gigantic inside and out. At only 15 minutes long for the show, covering a single match between No Love and Pleasure Castle, it was really enjoyable. If I can make any suggestions to the pair and because I know they appreciate any feedback, it's the following:

  • Try to increase the screen size for the game. At the moment there's a lot of wasted space around the edging. 
  • Reduce the size of the text at the bottom of the screen - Twitter handles and title overlays don't need to be so big. 
  • Find a method between them both of ensuring they don't talk about different topics during the action or talking over oneanother. 
  • Add an intro showing both their faces so that viewers know which voice belongs to which person. 

Gigantic is going to need community support and shoutcasters like Bazleel and Fourth Oracle if it's going to succeed as an eSport. Against the might of Blizzard and Overwatch, Gigantic has an uphill struggle to climb if it's going to succeed. Individuals such as these two need supporting because what they've delivered so far, is well worth watching and improving upon. 

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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