Shroud of the Avatar's latest update includes all of the updates fans come to expect, plus a spooky twist with lots of Halloween themed content making its way into the game. Of course, lots of other things made it into the game as well, but hey new shiny stuff. Potions and makeup were delayed, but that's a good thing because the team on SotA is good at moving resources around to make sure important stuff is handled first.

I think many of us on the team have that same love of the holiday and as promised, we delivered a plethora of spooky content. As we have done in the last few releases, we are trying to better balance how much content we put in the add on store versus in the game as craftable goods. Because we are still actively raising funds, we still lean heavily towards the add on store but we are making more effort to always try to include at least one item of the type we are selling inside the game.

This update comes with a full wipe, along with lots of updates, more Player Owned Towns, and more. I can't really get into everything in the update, you'll have to scroll through the list yourself, but I think it's great they were able to get their Halloween content in the game before the holiday came around. I hope all of you have a safe Halloween, by the way, both in and outside of the game.

Shroud of the Avatar is a crowdfunded game by Richard Garriott and his team, aiming to be the spiritual successor to Ultima Online. You can read the details about Update 23 on the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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