As a brief warning this update includes a full player wipe, if you want to melt down your items do not log in, additionally, there will be a wipe before launch so at least one more wipe. With the public service announcement finished, Release 20 has been released for Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, bringing with it so much content that it has its own instruction manual. I really appreciate the amount of detail SotA goes into in order to talk about what is and isn't new within their game, and the same applies here. Anyway, this update is major because Player Owned Towns are starting to filter into the game, along with a lot of other features including trolls, printing, encounter revamp, etc.

At the end of June we pulled data from all the submission forms. If you had completed payment up to at least Holdfast level, entered a name/location/biome, and were connected to the Overworld (or if you were connected to a hub PoT also being placed), we added your Town to Novia as a blank template map with dynamic lot placement based on the information we had at that time. We did not use ANY other criteria for making this list.

Currently implemented player owned towns are basically placeholders until development continues. R20 is basically one of the last remaining simulation updates before they start implementing the story. They've ramped up hiring and are preparing to take the game even further, moving ever so closely until launch. The important thing for me is to remind everyone there will be at least one more wipe, but expect there to be a few more.

The full patch notes are extensive and suggested reading for everyone who plays. In addition, there is an Update of the Avatar that goes over the changes as well and includes additional patch notes. You can read the instructions here and the UotA here.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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