Richard Garriot is a pretty cool guy and his MMO is very generious to its backers. So, first of all, the biggest news is that it's on sale on Steam right now for around $33 USD, 25% off, which isn't a bad price to hop into the game. Second, this year Richard Garriot will be camping out at the Razer booth and the result is something special for Min Liang Tang fans (which there is a lot of, if you weren't already a fan yourself). It's a cloak that changes color, like Razer's Chroma series. Here's the official details:

Razer is helping with several in-game promotions for Shroud of the Avatar. One of the new items coming soon to the game is the Death Adder Cloak which bears the symbol of Min Liang Tang a respected citizen in Shroud of the Avatar (and the namesake of real life Razer founder, Min Liang Tang). It’s rumored that anyone wearing the cloak in Tang’s presence in SotA is rewarded. SotA is also using changing colors of Razer’s Chroma peripherals based on the game’s state and hint system.

“We are so grateful to our backers who continue to support us and provide source material for the game, like art and music,” said Garriott. “This is truly a community effort as our backers continue playing Shroud and providing us with valuable feedback each and every month. And with each passing week the game grows closer to what I dreamed it would be, a sandbox fantasy world, not unlike the games I created when I first started as a designer. I invite everyone who remembers those worlds we created to give Shroud of the Avatar a try.”

The cloak is at the bottom of this news post, if you're interested in what it looks like. I think it's pretty cool, I mean in-game advertising is a big turn off for me, but at the same time Garriot and his backers are like a family at this point, so one would assume they're rather cool with this. I checked the forums and nothing to note and the cloak isn't like wearing the golden arches on your back in a fantasy setting with a headset on. Now, if you're interested in getting it, check out these non-instructions:

Death Adder Cloak: This cloak bears the secret Death Adder symbol of Min Liang Tan, a respected citizen of Ardoris who is rumored to practice Necromancy. It is whispered that wearing this symbol in his presence will be rewarded. In an update later this release, we will provide information about how all backers can register on our website with their Razer ID to receive this in the game.

Well, while not instructions, it's a start on how this promotion will kick off - it should be available to all backers. So, neat!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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