Cheating, exploiting and the use of hacks has become a rampant problem in EverQuest, something that our own Benjamin J. de la Durantaye has covered to some extent in his Hacking EverQuest series. But Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is warning those that have cheated in the past to stop now.

In a firm statement to the EverQuest website, SOE warned those that use cheats and exploits to stop now, explaining that they have been working behind the scenes to develop new ways of “detecting cheaters quickly and accurately” in EverQuest. SOE went on to state that this is the only warning and that there will be no second chances.

Cheating has become a serious concern to our EQ player base this past year. Exploits and hacks strike at the very heart of a game, creating deep resentment in the community as selfish players gain benefit at the expense of their honest fellows. You've let us know your thoughts, and we have taken action.

Players who partake in cheating are hereby put on notice: stop now. This isn't an idle warning. We have quietly invested significant behind the scenes effort into detecting cheaters quickly and accurately. The vast majority of players enjoy the game on a fair and even playing field. Those who gain unfair advantage over others will not be tolerated.

You know who you are, we know who you are, and you now have your warning. We strongly advise you to take heed and reform your ways immediately. There will be no second chances.

Source: EverQuest website

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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