For years there have been many people (poor, poor, disillusioned people) stating that PC gaming is either dead or dying all while ignoring the platform’s near exclusive use for MMOGs, being a superior platform for RTS games, Indie developers, and not to mention our excellent modding communities, which have a tendency to expand the life of a game well beyond its shelf life. But Chris Roberts, creator of the Wing Commander series and the upcoming Star Citizen title couldn’t have disagreed more with the “PC gaming is dead” statements. Last year Roberts banked on the idea that PC gaming was not only alive, but stronger than ever with a hungry audience anxiously awaiting an experience that can be best delivered on a PC. From that idea, the Star Citizen Kickstarter was born through a nostalgia-inducing trailer.

Last October, the Star Citizen Kickstarter began with the modest goal of raising just $500,000. The Kickstarter itself exploded and ended with $2,134,374 in pledges. But support for Star Citizen didn’t end there. Since the Kickstarter ended, Star Citizen has managed to raise even more through its website, bringing the crowdfunding amount for the game to almost $11 million.

Star Citizen recently unveiled a video of some of the new ships that will be available with the game. You can check it out in our Video of the Day feature.

So PC gaming is dead. Yeah, not so much.

Star Citizen is expected to release in 2014.

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: Star Citizen Breaks $10 Million

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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