Sword Coast Legends started things off on rocky terrain, giving Dungeons & Dragons latest digital game a -2 to all rolls regarding player appeasement.

Fortunately, the developers rectified many of the issues and bugs and have been providing free DLC for the past couple of updates.

Sword Coast Legends - Free to Play

In order to further make amends (and also to give all players a better view of the new additions and the improvements to existing gameplay) the creators are running a special Free-to-Play weekend of the game for all players. So if you were sitting on the fence about this game or just want the opportunity to take a free look, now is your chance. If you have a few friends who own the game, this weekend would be the perfect to link up for a digital game night.

As someone who has logged a good number of hours in the game already, I can attest to the positive changes and the compelling Campaign Storyline (about 40 hours of content for the average player). And all of that is even more fun and entertaining when running around with a full group of friends. You can run around with a total of four people, but room for a fifth friend is available so long as one of them is willing to DM (which takes some practice).

With over 1500 different player-made modules to explore - there is a wealth of content already for a group of five players to enjoy.

Reduced Sales Price

Immediately following the free-play weekend, Sword Coast Legends will also be going on sale for an easy $20.

There will likely never be a better time to get in on this game, and the best part is that you can try it out this weekend and decide for yourself!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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