En Masse Entertainment announced their chronoscrolls program for TERA last August as a way for players to purchase the scrolls with real-world cash for $14.99 (30 days of game time) and sell it for in-game currency to help combat gold sellers. Chronoscrolls work in a similar way to that of EVE Online’s PLEX system in that the chronoscrolls can be redeemed for gameplay time or traded between players for gold. Chronoscrolls will be available on June 28th in the En Masse Store. A FAQ is available with additional details.

In addition, En Masse Entertainment, likely taking a cue from the success of World of Warcraft’s sparkle pony, has added a new mount to its store with the Night Mare. Priced at $24.99, the Night Mare is a black horse with flame effects.

The Night Mare mount:

  • has riding speed: 280
  • is an “account” item: redeemable for all characters on an account through the Item Claim.
  • is permanent, available starting level one.
  • is not trade-able, sell-able, or discard-able.

Source: TERA’s Night Mare Announcement, Chronoscrolls Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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