The folks at En Masse Entertainment have a lot to be excited about these days. Coinciding with the release of TERA’s latest class, the Gunner, the game also made a successful jump onto Steam earlier this month. Since the original Steam launch on May 5th, TERA has since gone on to become king of the MMO hill on the platform; an impressive feat for a title that has also recently celebrated its third year in operation.

Naturally, the En Masse team is in a celebratory mood, and offered up the following statement regarding TERA’s triumphant rise as top MMO dog on Steam:

“En Masse Entertainment would like to thank our loyal and enthusiastic TERA community,” said Patrick Sun, Producer of TERA. “Their support and feedback has helped TERA continue to kick ass. We’d also like to thank and welcome our new players to TERA’s growing Steam community. With a focus on precision, positioning, and timing, TERA continues to deliver a true action combat experience to MMO fans and is more accessible than ever following its successful Steam launch.”

For those of you who dig infographics, below you’ll find some interesting facts surrounding the latest victory lap for TERA. As a quick word of warning, the thing is fairly massive, but does neatly tuck one of the best metrics of the bunch towards the end. While you’re deciding whether it’s worth the time to scroll down to find out exactly what it is, you can also read our hands-on experiences with TERA’s new gunner class as a healthy alternative.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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