It's day two of Guild Wars 2 Week here at Ten Ton Hammer and today's the day that Season 2 is officially in the game. ArenaNet has given us a ton of pretty pictures to go with the new content, which we'll have for you throughout this article. Today's episode picks up where last season left off, with Scarlet Briar defeated and Lion's Arch in ruins. Log in today to see how the Season 1 cliffhanger plays out.

There are also subplots within the story to work through, like what's become of the Zephyrites, seeing what the Seraph forces are doing in Brisban, and learning more about our heroes while they lead us through the great journey that is Season 2. Completing the Gates of Maguuma storyline unlocks new acheivements to work on. Of course, all of this new content also comes with new rewards in Tyria.  

We've been working on making sure everyone's caught up with the story up to this point, but if you missed it, Guild Wars 2 Hub posted the Season 1 recap video along with an analysis. It's a great place to start to make sure you know what's going on when you log in. Also, make sure you don't miss a thing this week, as we continue to push out Guild Wars 2-specific content in celebration of Season 2's launch this week. To see the full schedule, have a look at Sardu's post here. Like winning things? We have a fun contest to win a Scarlet is Dead t-shirt! Not able to log in yet? Have a look at our Season 2 preview

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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