The Repopulation continues to populate its feature list with more content. In the November update to the community, Above and Beyond Technologies explained that the decision to hold off on a new patch for November testing until the Hero Engine 2.0 update releases this month and offered a short list of new content and features that are in the works.

But what may interest players a bit more is the addition of the new Entertainment skill line, which is very similar to the old Star Wars Galaxies class of the same name. Entertainers can use their abilities at social hubs such pubs, inns, town squares, theaters and player-made camps in the wilderness as a social skill to grant long-term buffs to other players. Additionally, new changes to PvP will make it easier to identify members of the opposing factions along with new systems and engagements.

Read the full list of notes in their entirety for all the latest content.

Thanks to Marlon and Jennifer for the tip.

Source: The Repopulation November Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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