It seems The Repopulation is ticking along nicely, with Joshua Halls taking to the official pages yesterday to discuss what's incoming and what has changed.

With Alpha 3 "firing up in a few weeks" it seems that they're currently in the process of laying foundations for a new influx of testers. With stretch goals already being implemented in the form of Adversarial Camps, it's fair to say this might be one of the few success stories to exit the public backed domain.

February has gone into the books. It’s an exciting time for The Repopulation with Alpha 3 firing up in a few weeks, and most of the work done this month was in preparation for those new testers. Behind the scenes we have new hardware and features incoming, but front and center we’ve been working steadily to prepare the game’s content for the new testers. We also integrated a couple of features from our stretch goals.

The most significant gameplay related addition is Adversarial Camps, which were a stretch goal from our Kickstarter Campaign. These camps will sprout up throughout the world and have a wide variety of customization options so which allows us to generate much of the games content on the fly and help ensure that players do not have a static experience. They typically come with a spawning object which must be destroyed to stop them from spawning. The camps will grow in size and power over time, which makes them tougher to remove, but also creates new boss opportunities ranging up to raid content. These camps will make it easier for us to add new content quickly, and to improve content which already exists.

Following the Kickstarter Campaign we continued the stretch goals on our Early Adopter store, and shortly after we hit another stretch goal which will bring a customizable XML based interface into the game. We spent a significant amount of time this month on preparing the interface for the transition into user created addons by upgrading its general appearance. The new interface is more condensed and in general easier to use. There’s still a bit of work to be done, but as you’ll see from this month’s build notes a lot of work is being done in that regard.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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