Over the weekend, Trials of Ascension have been blanketing social media outlets with information for their latest contest, Bards of TerVarus. If you follow Trials of Ascension anywhere, from Reddit to Google Plus to Twitter, Facebook or even their forums, you've likely already come across this contest, but if you haven't, I'm here to tell you about it. Like most things I've seen come out of Forged Chaos' press releases, they come up with ways to engage their community that are fun and smart, and the more I learn about their game, the more interested I'm becoming in what they're doing.

From now until 12am PDT on July 27th, people are invited to post on any of Trial of Ascension's social networks (snail mail seems to be the only way you can't enter or participate, although I'm sure if that's the only way you want to enter, you could make it work) their best TerVarus lore in one hundred words or less. You play the bard, and in return, you can win some really cool prizes. Winners from this week's contest will be added to a pool for other winners that will let them have a chance to win some other cool prizes.

I think it's pretty rad that Forged Chaos is giving their community a chance to become permanent parts of the game, through lore creations and having the chance to name NPCs. Some might be apprehensive when reading that submissions mean anyone participating in the contest means the rights of the entry are transferred to Forged Chaos. I'm OK with that part, and would assume it to be implied anyway, considering I would be submitting writing for a lore contest. For me, the hardest part here is the one hundred word limit.

Twitter was a pretty steep learning curve for me, and since I enjoy using full words, I haven't gotten around to adopting texting slang to fit my boring thoughts into 140 characters or less. There's been times when I've full on abandoned tweets because I couldn't make it work. What can I say? I'm wordy. I think I would have a hard time squeezing a good story into such few words. Then again, my favorite dirty joke is the shortest and simplest I know: “a horse fell into mud.” Get it? Super dirty.

While I have a hard time keeping my stories short, there have been a few submissions so far that I've come across and everything from short stories to poetry has been showcased. I love contests like this, because you get a chance to see just how creative a community can be. Not to mention that it's fun and engaging for everyone. While I probably won't make a submission, I'll be checking back to see what other folks have come up with.

For more information on how you can enter this contest, check out this post on their official forums. If you're not a forum person, Trials of Ascension has a presence for whatever your favorite social media outlet is. Will you be the next bard of TerVarus?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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