Tonight I learned a few things about Trials of Ascension that I wasn't expecting to. First, I can't believe that I haven't signed up for their marketing emails yet, considering how much I love writing about this game. The devs are heartfelt and ernest, ready for interaction with their community. At times, I couldn't ask for more. After my recent move, I figured I'd throw together a quick “what's been happening in ToA” write-up, only to be let down when I saw their front page hasn't been updated in over a month. Tonight, I wouldn't take that for an answer and dug deeper; the forums far more promising. I'm happy I decided to keep looking, because I'm really excited about this game. Now that I'm on the other side of moving, I look forward to donating towards it and pre-purchasing.

So what has been happening in Trials of Ascension? They're currently in an alpha/pre-alpha stage, where they're working on getting feedback from a small number of players to get the game polished up enough for a workable demo. I have not been a part of this, so don't come looking around these parts for some juicy, NDA-breaking tidbits. That won't keep me from wanting to throw money at these guys, though. I kind of have a crush on the dev team and their fan interactions, so they get my money even if I haven't played their game. It's a gamble I'm willing to take. I will, however, make a shameless plug to any ToA devs reading this: a coworker is close by to you all, equally stoked for the game, and is happy to come do an in-person anything. Just let us know!

Forged Chaos has been working on account creation, global testing, death and combat enhancements, and...naming. Naming? Yeah, apparently, you can now name other people. While this sounds confusing, if it works the way I hope it does, this can be really awesome. I know some games have ignore and friends lists where you can add notes to players. How often do either friend or ignore someone, only to promptly forget who they are and why you did that? If this is some sort of nicknaming system, then this can potentially be tons of fun (oh, and usefulness, you know).

Meanwhile, they're still working on improving tons of areas in the game. Harvesting and crafting are making their way into the game, flora and fauna are getting tweaked (they asked for feedback on Twitter recently), they're working on the magical system, refining the lore, and updating the GUI, art assets, and databases. Going on their recent marketing email, it looks like ToA is just around the corner from a Kickstarter campaign! Speaking of lore, if you're curious as to what a lore writer goes through, Cassie|Ondria wrote the latest dev blog to let you know what's going on in her head as she writes.

Are you as excited about Trials of Ascension as myself and Kevin Christopher are? If you're not excited about it, what do you feel is missing? Are you on the fence waiting to see how their Kickstarter goes? Is there anything you're either looking forward to experiencing in ToA, or is there a system you're waiting to hear more about? Let us know in the comments!

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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