In crazy fashion, Trove has added "Meownts" and caterpillar mounts to the game.

Cat lovers rejoice: Meownts have come to Trove! These absolutely purr-fect mounts are now available as a very rare drop from enemies or as a reward for defeating Dungeons and Lairs.

Once you’ve found one of these fine felines, you can craft an even more fantastic cat to get just the look you want – pick from a litter of Martial, Immortal, Steam, Ice Blue, Magic, and mighty Mecha Meownts.

This is a pretty cool addition, but I like the new butterfly companions even more:

Butterfly pets are colorful companions who provide lots of help in a pinch, boosting your energy regeneration and throwing out restorative flowers to reward your smiting of foes.

Trove is a free-to-play world building adventure game, similar to Minecraft but you have your own plot of land you can drag along with you throughout the world. Updates like these are semi-regular and the game is full of not only cool loot like this, but player made items as well. Just recently, a ton of player created coolness was added to the game. 

This update is part of the "Welcoming Edition" which includes a new welcome screen, some bug fixes, and daily bonuses as follows:

* Daily bonuses are now live! In addition to the current +100% cubits on weekends, there are now the following bonuses:

  •  - Monday: +20% gain to harvesting resources
  •  - Tuesday: +50% gain to ore 
  •  - Wednesday: +100% gain to glim acquired through adventuring
  •  - Thursday: +50% gain monster drops on Thursdays (including adventure boxes)
  •  - Friday: +50% gain to shards (both Radiant and Shadow)

You can also now adjust the LoD in Trove, a much demanded feature. 

You can read the full patch notes here.



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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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