What's something that every voxel game needs? Well voxels of course! However, now you can take flight in Trove's world of wonder and amazement with wings and some other really neat updates. A multitude of wings have been added to the game that allow you take to the skies and fly over the landscape, but wait, there's more.

What’s better than roaring across the landscape on a Neon Nightcycle or holding the reins of Sparkles the unicorn? Flying over the landscape, of course! Take flight with a variety of new Wings and let your spirit soar!

If you want to take to the skies now, the quickest method is to purchase the new "Power Pack" (19.99), otherwise you'll be able to craft your own set within the world. Players who have already purchased the Power Pack will find the wings have been unlocked with this update.

You can also play as the Shadow Hunter, a ranged bow based class with a lot of neat skills. It's a "sniper" type class that uses arrows and can see through walls. It's available with a class token, which are included in the new starter packs.

In addition to the new class, there is also Runeforging (a new crafting type) and Radiant Runes, new skycastles that you can access in new portals that will be arriving within the world. Runeforging allows you to make new tomes in addition to new special blocks, including ones that aren't in the game anymore. The skycastles act as a farming ground for runecrafting materials.

The pursuit of Elysian power is known as Runecrafting, the latest profession to come to Trove. Utilizing the magical recipe paper and mysterious crystals unearthed in the Radiant Ruins, Runecrafters can craft new artifact Tomes. These arcane books unlock powerful boons to adventuring (like gaining extra resources as you gain experience), as well as the ability to craft special and patterned blocks (plus styles no longer available!).

So, basically, this update brings flight, Runecrafting, a new class (Shadow Hunter), and a new terrain type (Radian Runes skycastles). The update is now live, so be sure to go and check it out!


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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