Back in the day, you couldn't install Dungeons & Dragons
Online or the Lord of the Rings Online without using the
universally-reviled third-party peer-to-peer download client, Pando Media
Booster. Theoretically, this downloader would remain inactive on your
computer after it was finished downloading and installing Turbine games,
and the player had the option of leaving it along or uninstalling it.

Following a tip
on Reddit
, Turbine has issued an official warning to its customers,
through social media and on the forums for DDO
and LotRO,
requesting that users remove Pando Media Booster from their systems.

Turbine switched to a new client downloader late last year after Pando
shut down in the summer, but a recent "update" being foisted on
unsuspecting users contains browser-hijacking malware. Players can now
also download LotRO and DDO through Steam, as well as the new third-party

If you have been affected by the "Sweet Page virus," which redirects your
browser to a dodgy "search engine" website, follow the removal
instructions located HERE.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016