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Karlsruhe, 2nd February 2007 – the good things in life are best shared with friends! The “Two Worlds” developers have also taken this to heart - and added a fantastically varied MMORPG mode to their new game! Players can now oppose one another or join forces in Antaloor as Arena or RPG characters!

Let off steam in the Arena with exciting head-to-head battles - and remember it's only your skill that counts here - Arena characters all have the same status!

For all you hard-bitten RPG fans out there, the multiplayer game is the real thing! Want to establish your own individual character? "Two Worlds" has it all! The main jump-off point for role-playing gamers are the towns – they serve as both meeting places and platforms for starting various quests. In typical MMORPG style, this is where players meet for the first time, hold get-togethers in their favorite bars or simply look around for new challenges. You can also join Clans or found new ones. When a clan has got together, an adventure then begins that is tailored to the strengths of the group, which can be up to eight players in number. The game character develops in a completely free manner (no level limits) and can collect equipment and experience points too. You have traditional, classic adventures available - and also novel challenges, like horse racing! You can of course save your game character and equipment on the server - and you can continue his development whenever you’re ready... or you can earn yourself some money, by selling off special artifacts and weapons in the towns.

Character creation is based on various races and classes which will be introduced soon. These figures all have their own basic characteristics - and of course you can fully develop these during the course of the game! You can mold all the optical characteristics of your character as well, creating your own private heroes via a special interface! Color of eyes, breadth of chest, length of arms and legs...almost anything you can think of!

Can you honestly call this an MMORPG? Do developers know what this even means?


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016