Tom Clancy’s The Division is one of Ubisoft’s more promising looking titles slated for release next year and since it’s reveal at E3 2013, new information has been a bit slow to come out. This week, however, Antoine Emond, senior community manager for Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment, took to the forums to field a few questions from the community about the upcoming title. We've put the most recent Q&As from the forum together below for your convenience.

TheHumanTowel: Will The Division involve the player making choices that affect the game's plot?

Antoine Emond: We don’t want to reveal in full how the game works before the release because the idea of discovery and exploration is at the core of the game. Sorry.

You can check out the previous answer for more information about the story progression.

Zanduh: What's your favorite mechanic in the game so far?

Antoine Emond: I especially love our take on PvP. I think our Design team is super talented!

Some guys of the team said that the PvP in The Division will be meaningful and suspenseful: I confirm all of that. The experience is pretty unique.

And the best: the transition to PvP is seamless!

Mehrk: Will there be classes, or is it a freeform design?

Antoine Emond: As you play the game, you’ll level up and acquire points. You can spend those points to spec yourself as you wish: those choices are totally open, up to each player, and changeable on the fly. Of course, you’ll be able to spec yourself into a general RPG role (becoming more a “tank”, a “healer” or a “DPS” kind of character), but again the choice is yours. This means that communication and teamwork is important to have the best group possible!

LordCrash88: If I want to play solo (for whatever reason) will it be VERY hard to survive or will the enemies (of course only AI controlled enemies) be weakened to reflect the party size? Or - if that's not the case - will I be able to get more XP for fulfilling quests/killing people/doing stuff on my own without a team?

Antoine Emond: That's a very good question. I sat down with Mathias Karlson, Lead Game Designer, and here's the answer:

"When you play coop (1-4 players) the enemies will be scaled in different ways to make sure that the challenge level is maintained (not too easy nor too hard). But there will also be special activities/encounter types that will be extra challenging for both groups and solo players (it will be clear to the players that these are harder)."

Foxtrotoso2: Is there a linear story progression or are we truly out in the world with freedom of gameplay?

Antoine Emond: There’s a general storyline but how you unravel it is up to you: the content is emergent. When you’ll be out in the world there will be stories attached to emergent events, which may lead you in to the greater story. The player’s choice really is at the heart of the game!

Hooah82: Is it possible to increase hit points by wearing body armor?

Antoine Emond: The player will be able to modify his hit points and armor in different ways. Gear/equipment is one of them.

Cabbagehead13: Are there any non lethal weaponry? Smoke or gas grenades...etc.

Antoine Emond: Yes, there will be non-lethal weaponry available to both enemies and players. Smoke, to block line of sight and create diversions is a good example.

Damanikilled: Do we need to have PS+/Gold membership to play the game?

Ubi-Mush (UK FM): PS+/ Gold membership is usually required to play any multiplayer aspects in games.

You can add your own questions to the official thread on Ubisoft forums. Stay tuned and we’ll update you if more questions are answered.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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