No D3 expansion was announced, but we're going to see some quality of life changes come for Diablo 3. These will include various updates to things that bother players now and of course, more changes as time comes along. Instead of watching the entire hour long presentation, below find all of the quick look facts you want to know without all of the words getting your way. 

Quick Look Changes 

Treasure goblins are being redesigned. The Gem Hoarder (drops gems), The Odious Collector (crafting materials, plans), and The Blood Thief (Blood Shards). Their AI has been upgraded to seek out other enemies, make new sounds, and other cool things. 

Maps are being redesigned for rifts, with more varied layouts for Oasis, Spider Caves, Leoric's Jail will start off the update, then Stinging Winds, Tristram Fields, and Festering Woods coming later.  

Rift Guardians and Pylons are going to be rebalanced. While options were talked about at Blizzcon, check patch notes to see what they do. Rifts will be updated as well, the dead ends are going to be removed, the loops are going to be removed,  

Legendary Gems are going to be changed around a bit to be more useful and more fun.  

Hubs are going to get redesigned a little. ACT 1 will have everything pulled in closer to the start.  

Ancient Items will be arriving, 30% more powerful than Legendary Weapons. 

Season 2 will be coming, rebuilding Conquests. They are unique and different ways to complete and finish the game. Like, reach Rift Level 30 will return while Reach Level 70 will be removed to be replaced by complete Acts 1 through V at max level within an hour. 

Ruins of Sescheron will come as a new map, new traps and monsters are coming. 

Patch 2.1.2 will have the new treasure goblins, season 2, ancient items, new legendries, the adventure mode improvements, and the hub redesign. 

Ruins of Sescheron, new monsters, new legendries, and more will come later. 

From Q&A: Uber Diablo might return. At the end of the season, your stash will get mailed to you. More stash space might come, but they can't just give you infinite item space. They will look at Rift changes to make Rift monsters better. Lore books might only be in story mode to make it worthwhile, but adventure mode is the main campaign. Diablo 3 isn't Diablo 2 in regards to the vast majority of questions asked. 

Thoughts & Opinions

I think that everything contained here is pretty basic, the only real fun stuff is that the Rift changes are going to make Rifts easier but at the same time, take some of the "fun" from the difficulty or the annoyance away. Which is okay for people who grind it day in and day out, it'll make their life easier, but for the rest of us it's just going to make it smoother, which is cool. The new items and the new season look to be fun. Overall, nothing that cool was mentioned, but it's good to know D3 wasn't forgotten about.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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