This week it’s World of Warcraft’s own Dave “Fargo” Kosak taking the reins from Ghostcrawler. He’s discussing a subject that - as WoW’s lead quest designer - must be pretty close to his heart: “Content for the Casual 85”.

Kosak discusses the perils of keeping questing interesting, even when you’ve hit the level cap. After all, once you’ve hit that final ding, what motivates you do do quests? Probably money and rewards (such as mounts, epic gear and pets). Well Kosak uses this to segue nicely into his main topic of discussion: the upcoming Firelands dailies.

Yes, it’s yet another sign that 4.2 is coming Very Soon™but it’s also nice to focus on something that will be of interest to me and my fellow casual players (yes, raiding is not the be all and end all, even if it’s the endgame). Kosak puts it beautifully so I’ll let him explain the reason you’re going to want to do the dailies:

There's also a story here, a chronicle of a vicious, knock-down, drag-out fight that begins in Hyjal and progresses -- over the course of weeks -- across the mountaintop and then into the Firelands themselves. Along the way, major characters are going to get rocked, you'll meet (and destroy) a few new villains, and you'll earn yourself a small heap of nice rewards. The druids are establishing a beachhead in a hostile world, starting with little more than a pile of rocks and ultimately erecting an enormous otherworldly base.

The progression is personal: you won’t see it happen until you make it happen.

We want to keep that sense of progression going, not just over the course of weeks but on a daily basis. As you begin to unlock and upgrade your hub in the Firelands, more quests will become available, and you’ll be able to slowly push your way forward every day. Extensive randomization means your quest flow will be a little different one day to the next. You’ll also have choices to make as to how the battle progresses.

It finally feels like Blizzard are going in the right direction to make dailies a little more interesting and a lot less repetitive. Yes, you’re always going to be doing some quests again and again but, in this case, it’s looking like it’s going to be more than worth it, if not just for the rewards then for the lore too.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016