Blizzard has rolled out a Pre-Patch Release Candidate on the Public Test Realm.

Patch 9.0.1 is now out on the PTR.   There is a lot that you still cannot do. 

You cannot quest in the new 50-60 zones. 

You cannot select a covenant, acquire soulbinds or legendaries. 

Players lose access to the corruption system and its benefits. 

What you can experience are the class changes.  The "unpruning" has seen the return of many class abilities from the past.  There is also a new target cap on AoE abilities. 

The level squish from cap of 120 down to 50 is in place.   With it comes an item level squish and the removal of the experience bonus from heirloom items.  

New players begin their journey in Exile's Reach and stay there until level 10 at which point they can choose an expansion to level from 10 - 50.  

Players who want to play one of the Allied Races can rejoice as the reputation requirements are removed.  Players will still need to go through the normal quest unlocking process. 

Ray Tracing support has been added. 

Will you be coming back for Shadowlands?



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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2020