World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Pathfinder (Flying) Requirements

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas has confirmed the requirements for Shadowlands Pathfinder. 

Flying is something that many players look forward to in World of Warcraft.  The Pathfinder achievement is required to fly. 

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas just confirmed that the only requirement to fly in Shadowlands is completing the Covenant Campaign.

The Shadowlands Pathfinder Achievement has no other requirements. The achievement is account-wide, so you will be able to fly on your alts. One rather large downside of Shadowlands is that you won't be able to fly from one zone to another.  Oribos will remain the hub and "airport" to get to each zone.   

Each covenant will have their own mounts.  

Kyrian Mounts

Necrolord Mounts

Night Fae Mounts

Venthyr Mounts


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Last Updated: Feb 22, 2021