Many of us were happy to get one character to 60.  One player wanted every class to 60. 

HeadyAF decided that getting one class to 60 wasn't enough.  He wanted to get them all to 60... and he did.  

This feat took him 165 hours.   This is doubly amazing as there are only 168 hours in a week.    Here is what he had to say about this greuling achievment. 

I did not take the fastest route on leveling (playing Horde with 10% War Mode experience as opposed to 30% Alliance) and pathetically geared characters, but what I lacked in gear and ease of leveling, I made up for in time and motivation. 165 HOURS of near constant leveling time with a couple of naps to make sure I avoided visiting a spirit healer in real life.



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Last Updated: Dec 02, 2020

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